irregardlessly expresso (Letterkenny)

can’t just stream it and cream it (Letterkenny)

As a rule, the Great Khan concluded his day savoring these tales with half-closed eyes until his first yawn was the signal for the suite of pages to light the flames that guided the monarch to the Pavilion of the August Slumber. But this time Kublai seemed unwilling to give in to weariness. “Tell me another city,” he insisted. (Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities)

The only thing that makes one an artist is making art. And that requires the precise opposite of hanging out; a deeply lonely and unglamorous task of tolerating oneself long enough to push something out. (David Rakoff, Half Empty)

There is nothing so cleansing or reassuring as a vicarious sadness. (David Rakoff, Half Empty)

We are disclosing animals, wired for unburdening. It’s what we do as a species. When I am being told, I listen, mindful of the honor, remembering all the while that the shore would be mistaken to believe that the waves lap up against him because he is so beautiful. (David Rakoff, Half Empty)

The best-laid plans, one’s most fastidious contingency strategies have revealed themselves in the cold light of day to be laughably inadequate, no match for the happenstance that seems of late only to promise death, mayhem, poverty, flood. And here you are, having spent all that time protecting your home from the oncoming elements only to find that it has been shored up with crackers. (David Rakoff, Half Empty)

There is no better way to conceal oneself than by listening to others. (David Rakoff, Half Empty)

Reality is a sloppy bitch. – Of Montreal

The light at the edge of the curtain
Is the quiet dawn
The bedroom breathes
In clicks and clacks
Uneasy heartbeat, can’t relax
But then your hand takes mine
Thank God, I found you in time

-Paul Simon